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About Us

At Ardith we are dedicated to helping self publishers get their books produced in a professional and cost-effective manner. We have developed book layout and cover templates that our customers can use to get their book produced and ready to sell quickly and easily. If you want more help, we also have designers, editors, print production professionals, and experienced sales associates who can assist you every step of the way.

Tap into the Talents of the Book Publishing Industry

Ardith is a community of writers, editors, printers, researchers, designers, publicists, and more, all of us committed to producing great books. We have years of experience in every aspect of the publishing business, and we want to help you get your book into print as efficiently as possible.

The bookselling business has changed dramatically over the last decade, and while there is still a place for the traditional publishing process, we recognize that some writers want to do things differently. With so many people deciding to take the making of their books into their own hands, we realized that we could use our skills and expertise to help self publishers produce a professional-quality book and achieve solid publicity and sales numbers.

Your Access to Many Years of Book Publishing Experience

Before setting up in self publishing, we at Ardith have worked in traditional publishing for over 25 years, and we know how to get it right. Our experienced designer has developed several cover designs that you can use to give your book polished shelf-appeal and templates for the interior design that you can import your words into for a clean, professional look.

Our editors are picky about grammar, passionate about plot, fussy about facts, and well-versed in what makes a good read, no matter who your audience is.

Our sales and marketing staff have sold thousands of books in Canada and the United States and can help you with your sales plans for both the traditional and online markets.

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